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Next on our list of food finds at Maginhawa St. is popular among students because of its affordable price and delicious fried chicken – Homies. The place offers unlimited rice because their homemade fried chicken deserves it.

Homies 2

The chicken was fried without breading or batter because there was not any use for it. The chicken tastes good even with them, it’s comparable to what Max’s offer. Although breading and batter can add flavor to the chicken, I like it fried as it is.

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Food Panda does know who to partner with. I don’t know how they pick the restaurants they partner with, but they are really good at it. Homies is located at #51-C Magiting Street, U.P. Village, Quezon City.Aside from their famous fried chicken, they also have local favorites that add variety and more flavor to the menu. Starting with a dish that’s never absent during special occasions, Menudo.

Homies 3

I remember that this was close to how Menudo was served during my childhood. It has all the ingredients that are supposed to be there and it tastes like the menudo I grew up with. You got to try these when you get to visit Homies, or better yet have it delivered via Food Panda.

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Hungry for more chicken, they have Chicken Teriyaki and Chicken Curry if you find the need to for sauces. Surprisingly, the chicken curry comes with french fries. It isn’t bad, I’m just not used to it and it’s actually better than having potatoes part of the dish.

Homies 4

Homies 5

Another alternative rice meal is the Chili Con Carne.

Homies 6

If you want to go bit light or just hanging out for a snack, try out their Meatball Spaghetti and the Chili Hotdog. I prefer the Chili Hotdog over the Chili Con Carne because of the fries.

Homies 7

Homies 8

Homies feels and tastes like home cooking and if ever you drop by or want it delivered via Food Panda, I recommend you try the fried chicken and menudo, and don’t forget to get unlimited rice.

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