The Prism Plaza at Mall of Asia

What I love about visiting the Mall of Asia is the  great majestic view of the Manila Bay. There are a lot of SM Malls in the country and most probably, one just a few minutes away from your home, but what sets it apart is the view.

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The Mall of Asia complex is also surrounded with BPO offices and establishments that are opened 24/7, but what I was raving about is the opening of Prism Plaza because it has the best sunset view in the area.

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The Prism Plaza is located at located at the Two E-Com Center, around 5 minutes walk from the mall. Check out the video for a quick tour of Prism Plaza.

The view is not all that Prism Plaza offers, it has a great selection of restaurants surrounding the plaza and an awesome line-up of live band performers that start from 7PM until midnight. Included in their impressive line-up of restaurants is Alba Restaurante Español, a buffet type restaurant that offers authentic Spanish dishes, hailed as the Home of Traditional Spanish Cooking.

Mall of Asia - Prism Plaza

My favorite from dish from Alba, aside from the lechon, is the Paella Valenciana because it has generous amounts of seafood making it very flavorful. I had to take seconds, thirds and fourths of this.

Mall of Asia - Prism Plaza

Uncle Cheffy, which is part of the Chef’s quarter group (Larry & Mau, Kuse), is also at Prism Plaza showcasing Italian flavors with the All Meat Barbecue and Lary’s Favorite Pizza. If you want to try all of their dishes, you can order all-you-can for only P495 for adults and P395 for kids, and it comes with bottomless iced tea. (strictly no left overs).

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If you’re up for something heavy head on to Up Rice Manila and order their Home Made Bacon and Home Made Corned Beef and go crazy with their Crazo – cupcake/brazo de mercedes. Also, gear up for their Quiz night every Wdnesday at 9PM and if you need a little warmth when raining, try out their Beef Laksa, Corned Beef Sinigang and Bacon Tantanmen.

Mall of Asia - Prism Plaza

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Last on the list of must visits at Prism Plaza is the Burger Lab. Burger Nachos, Spaghetti Burger and their burger slides which include a miniature version of their top selling burgers –  Smoked-Gun Burger, Cardiac Burger, and B + M Burger.

Mall of Asia - Prism Plaza

Mall of Asia - Prism Plaza

Live band performances is at 7PM until midnight, and they have an awesome line-up of performers, from the all-time favorites Freestyle’s Jinky Vidal and Top Suzzara, Jeffrey and Arnie Hidalgo and new comers Groove Spot, Acoustyle, Lemon Express Band, The Juans, Fanzy Notes, and the Climax Band which I had the pleasure to listen to, and they were freakin’ awesome!

Mall of Asia - Prism Plaza

Climax Band played Michael Jackson, Maroon 5 to Eraserhead, Rivermaya, and I was surprised that they performed Beyonce’s Love on Top (because they have a male on vocals). It was a performance worthy of applause. Check out Prism Plaza’s Facebook Page for band schedules –

When you do get to visit Prism Plaza, don’t forget to capture the sunset.

Mall of Asia - Prism Plaza

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