Samsung Unveils The World’s First Curved UHD TV

Samsung unveils their line up of viewing pleasures for 2014, including the world’s first curved UHD TV.  “This year will be a big year for entertainment”, says Chung Lyong Lee, Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO) President and Managing Director.

Let’s start with the Family TV, although it isn’t a SMART TV, it still has a lot of tricks from it’s panel. It has Soccer  Mode feature that allows you to zoom in, auto/manually highlight, and record what you are watching. The Family TV also has a screen capture and sound capture feature that automatically saves the files to your USB plugged in to the TV.  For content it has Clickplay, (the only Philippine Video-On-Demand App with Hollywood content,) and NewsOn page powered by Yahoo PH.

Samsung Curve 1

Samsung Curve 2

Samsung also updated their line up of Series 5, 6, 7, and 8 making them all UHD or Ulta High Definition. The Samsung UHD TV displays incredible details, superior contrast and vibrant colors.

Samsung Curve
Flat UHD Price Range: starting from P150K to P400K (price range depending on series and size)

Exclusively on Series 7 and up, Samsung added Multi-Link Screen brings a whole new level of entertainment experience.  It allows you to watch two screens simultaneously. Watch TV and a video clip, watch TV and search the web, or watch TV and play with apps.

Samsung Curve 3

Samsung also introduced the Smart Control, it’s an advance remote control that offers a touch pad with enhanced  sensitivity and motion recognition for better control of the Smart Hub cursor.

Samsung Curve 4

And now for the star of the event.

Samsung Curve 5

Oops sorry! It’s not them, althought they did add brightness, color and quality to my view. The star of the event is the world’s first curved UHD TV – Samsung Curved UHD TV.

Samsung Curve 6
Curved UHD Price Range: starting from P300K to P500K (price range depending on series and size)

The Samsung Curved UHD TV boasts of crisp picture quality, 4x more powerful than a Flat HD screen, and a change in perspective that makes images appear larger and true-to-life. The combination of the curved screen and Samsung Proprietary Auto Depth Enhancer UHD technology automatically adjusts contrast for a greater sense of depth and gives a 3D-like effect without requiring glasses. The color is further enhanced using the PurColor technology that reproduces color for even more detailed expression. It comes with a Quad Core processor, the Quad Core Plus, which delivers quicker loading and navigation through tasks and commands.

Samsung Curve 7

Samsung continues to amaze me with their latest innovation, I just hope that I could afford one of them soon.



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