Samsung Unveils The World’s First Curved UHD TV

Samsung Unveils The World’s First Curved UHD TV

Samsung unveils their line up of viewing pleasures for 2014, including the world’s first curved UHD TV.  “This year will be a big year for entertainment”, says Chung Lyong Lee, Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO) President and Managing Director.

Let’s start with the Family TV, although it isn’t a SMART TV, it still has a lot of tricks from it’s panel. It has Soccer  Mode feature that allows you to zoom in, auto/manually highlight, and record what you are watching. The Family TV also has a screen capture and sound capture feature that automatically saves the files to your USB plugged in to the TV.  For content it has Clickplay, (the only Philippine Video-On-Demand App with Hollywood content,) and NewsOn page powered by Yahoo PH.

Samsung Curve 1

Samsung Curve 2

Samsung also updated their line up of Series 5, 6, 7, and 8 making them all UHD or Ulta High Definition. The Samsung UHD TV displays incredible details, superior contrast and vibrant colors.

Samsung Curve
Flat UHD Price Range: starting from P150K to P400K (price range depending on series and size)

Exclusively on Series 7 and up, Samsung added Multi-Link Screen brings a whole new level of entertainment experience.  It allows you to watch two screens simultaneously. Watch TV and a video clip, watch TV and search the web, or watch TV and play with apps.

Samsung Curve 3

Samsung also introduced the Smart Control, it’s an advance remote control that offers a touch pad with enhanced  sensitivity and motion recognition for better control of the Smart Hub cursor.

Samsung Curve 4

And now for the star of the event.

Samsung Curve 5

Oops sorry! It’s not them, althought they did add brightness, color and quality to my view. The star of the event is the world’s first curved UHD TV – Samsung Curved UHD TV.

Samsung Curve 6
Curved UHD Price Range: starting from P300K to P500K (price range depending on series and size)

The Samsung Curved UHD TV boasts of crisp picture quality, 4x more powerful than a Flat HD screen, and a change in perspective that makes images appear larger and true-to-life. The combination of the curved screen and Samsung Proprietary Auto Depth Enhancer UHD technology automatically adjusts contrast for a greater sense of depth and gives a 3D-like effect without requiring glasses. The color is further enhanced using the PurColor technology that reproduces color for even more detailed expression. It comes with a Quad Core processor, the Quad Core Plus, which delivers quicker loading and navigation through tasks and commands.

Samsung Curve 7

Samsung continues to amaze me with their latest innovation, I just hope that I could afford one of them soon.


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