SM Manila’s Triple Treats

SM Manila’s Triple Treats

Ber months just keep getting better and better. SM Manila has opened three  new restaurants that will take your dining experience to the next level. KungFu Kitchen, SumoSam Tokyo Grill and Blackbeard’s Seafood Island are now open to serve delectable dishes that you and your family deserve.

KungFu Kitchen or KFK revolutionizes Philippine modern casual Chinese dining by bringing together two elements – fresh and fastKFK boasts of Feasts of Fury, powered with the tempest of the strongest spirit and tamed with discipline creating dishes that will knack your senses yet not kick your budget.
With it’s Kung Fu-like ambiance it reminds me of the Kung Fu movies shown on TV when I was a kid, “Don’t you mess with my Snake Style Kung Fu” The movies also features  Kung Fu style of cooking which was also cool to watch. I wonder if it’s done the same way in Kung Fu Kitchen.
These dishes will surely get you on your knees and and say “Master, show me where to find the Kung Fu Kitchen.” They also have these warrior box meals which has ll the treats in one plate.
After China let’s head to Japan with Tokyo Grill. Enjoy their Sizzling Bento, choose from Beef, Chicken, Pork or Salmon with mixed vegetables  and various types of Asian rice served on a sizzling Bento box to keep the food hot.
Enjoy the Japanese and Asian cuisine in exquisite preparation satisfying your eyes and your stomach as it sizzles to bring your appetites to bliss. Like the hustle and bustle of Tokyo and the love of Pinoy for grilled dishes and everything served hot, let SumoSam Tokyo Grill fill you and your family with Japanese and Asian cuisine in a cozy atmosphere without worrying the cost.
The last on the list offers one of a king dining experience – the Boodle Feasts, with 3-4 or 5-6 pax per boodle.  A mix of seafood, meat, some veggies and a lot of rice just like how the military do it. Blackbeard’s Seafood Island offers different set of boodles.
For more information and updates, please like the FB Page of SumoSam Tokyo Grill at and KungFu Kitchen Feasts of Fury at and Seafood Island SM Manila at Visit for more info on the Boodles and other Pinoy treats.

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