It’s Thursday. Watch The Mistress

It was my birthday and me, my wife and our friends already planned to watch The Mistress as soon as the show date has been announced – September 12, my birthday. We thought that it would be a great time to bond together on that special day watching the love team that had us memorizing lines, capturing quotes for around a decade already. We planned to watch the last full show as most of us have work and can’t come at an earlier time. We ate, we watched and we drank coffee. The best way to celebrate your 31st birthday.

My thoughts (not a review) on Star Cinema’s The Mistress (spoilers alert). It has a lot of conflicts. Wife – Husband, Husband – Mistress, Mistress – Family, Father – Son, Lover – Mistress. I didn’t expect it all to be a happy ending, and yes it didn’t. It ended the way it is supposed to end – with maturity.  This is what I love about The Mistress, it’s mature enough to make viewers realize that sometimes a happy ending isn’t supposed to be happy. It just has to end for them to be happy. Hearing viewer comments like “sana di na lang tayo nanood” and “text ko si ano sabihin ko abangan na lang sa DVD” made us raise eyebrows.  The title itself, The Mistress tells you that there won’t be a happy ending, nor will there be some kilig moments. The Mistress will disappoint some but not everyone.

I’ll leave you a line that I hope that I got right – “Hindi mo malalamang may kulang sa iyo kung hindi pa dumarating ang taong pupuno nito

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