Solaire Resort Opens Oasis Garden Cafe and Waterside Restobar

Ending the year with a bang is the opening of Solaire Resort’s new restaurants the Oasis Garden Cafe and Waterside Restobar. The Oasis Garden Cafe takes you away from the busy ambiance of the casino and brings you to an indoor garden filled with greens and great music.

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The Oasis Garden Cafe wouldn’t be complete without the element of water, which what the waterfalls is for. It gives you a feeling a relaxing feeling. The furniture compliments the ambiance as it earth toned and ergonomically crafted to give visitors a good reason to sit, have a cup of tea, and just enjoy each other’s company.

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Here’s a sample of what you are to about to indulge into when you visit the Oasis Garden Cafe at Solaire Resort and Casino.

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Complimenting your relaxing experience is live music performance.

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This holiday season, try their Christmas offering  which includes the bibingka, turon, cassava cake and many more.

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It was my first time at Solaire Resort because I find it far from where I live, but seeing and experiencing Oasis Garden Cafe was worth the travel time. I’ll feature Waterside Restobar in a separate post because it deserves it.

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