Have An Afternoon Tea Set At The Lounge, New World Hotel Makati

Have An Afternoon Tea Set At The Lounge, New World Hotel Makati

Tea time is best spent in a place relaxing, quiet and less crowded. Most of coffee and tea shops are located inside the malls or within areas that has a lot of people like nearby offices.  Some even set up meetings inside these shops. Can you imagine how hard it is to relax and enjoy you cup of tea? I got a suggestion, go to a hotel. It’s quiet, relaxing and more intagramable than your local coffee shops.

Visit The Lounge at New World Hotel in Makati and take advantage of the Special Afternoon Tea Sets from 2:30 pm to 5 pm everyday. Each set is consists of sweet and savory delicacies paired with tea and coffee for only P995 which is good for two people who’d like to enjoy the smell of coffee, every sip of  tea, and each bite from those sweet pastries without the noise, the crowd and the smoke.

Chocolate Afternoon Tea Set

 Dark chocolate cheese cake, Cocoa tartlets, white milk chocolate cream, Chocolate trilogy  millefeuille, Chocolate éclair.   Plus Chocolate Scones and Empanada.

choco 1
choco 3

choco 2

Strawberry Afternoon Tea Set

Strawberry cheese cake, Strawberry tartlets, Strawberry millefeuille and Poached strawberry in dark chocolate.  Plus the Strawberry Scone and Empanada.

berry 1
berry 2
berry 3

Coffee Afternoon Tea Set

Coffee cheese cake,Tartlets, white coffee and vanilla cream, Coffee millefeuille and Coffee éclair. Plus the Coffee Scone and Empanada.

coffee 1
coffee 3
coffee 2

Each set will come with Assorted Finger Sandwiches, ice cream with syrup and dips for the pastries.  The whip cream is best with the coffee set, the lemon lime is for the strawberry and the strawberry for the chocolate set. Ice cream will also be served one vanilla and either chocolate, strawberry or coffee ice cream.


If you’d like to be chic and if you think that your afternoon conversations would need more than just coffee, upgrade your Special Afternoon Tea Sets and get two glasses of Piper Heidsieck Champagne for P1795.

Your table will more likely look like this. That’s the Coffee Set on the left and the Strawberry Set on the right.

The Lounge-32
Having tried a set it’s actually more than two people can handle. The scones are a bit heavy on the tummy. I suggest you eat that last because it would take most of the space in your stomach.

As an added treat, a 30% discount off on the price of the Afternoon Tea set is given to guests for the entire month of March.

**The prices indicated above exclude service charge.

Each set is worth to try and theses delicacies are probably worth more than you paid for, plus the thought that you are having your tea time inside hotel is already an added value. Best for catching up friends over coffee or a date. If you want to impress your clients this is the place you bring them to instead of the usual coffee/tea places that they have may have already been to.  I recommend you bring them here and who knows the ambiance might help you close that sale.

The Lounge-47

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