One Meal To Rule Them All – The Ultimate Burger Steak

One Meal To Rule Them All – The Ultimate Burger Steak

Jollibee rice meals has on the hearts and taste buds of Filipinos for 35 years now. Who does not know the Burger Steak, Shanghai Rolls, Grilled Pork Tenders, the new All Day Garlic Bangus and of course everybody’s favorite fried chicken, the Chicken Joy. Jollibee continues to provide the best rice meal for to the best rice meal eaters in the world, us.

Today, Jollibee launches the One Meal To Rule Them All, The Ultimate Burger Steak at selected stores.

Ultimate Meal-1

The Ultimate Burger Steak meal is made from 1/3 pound of 100% pure beef  patty, same as what you get with Jollibee’s premium burger, the CHAMP. It is topped with it’s famous mushroom gravy, sprinkled with toasted garlic bits.

Ultimate Meal-5

The Burger Steak lies on top of crispy fries and served with steamed rice and sunny-side up egg on top. The fries are perfect with mushroom gravy as I usually dip them on gravy instead of ketchup.

Ultimate Meal-6

At first glance, I thought that extra rice would be needed because the CHAMP patty it serves can take more than one.  With the Ultimate Steak Meal, your digestive system will work overtime and an extra rice would leave you motionless for a few hours.

Experience the One Meal That Rules Them All, The Ultimate Burger Steak Meal for P119 and P109 for solo. Share your experience using the hash tag #TheUltimateMeal and follow @iwantjollibee on twitter.

4 thoughts on “One Meal To Rule Them All – The Ultimate Burger Steak

  1. Tried this today at Jollibee, Parkmall, Mandaue, Cebu. I don’t get the point of having french fries in the plate with mushroom sauce on it. It’s weird and doesn’t fit right. They should serve the fries separately.

  2. As result, I did not eat the all the fries and transferred it on an extra plate. It would be awesome too if the eat yolk is not over cooked so we still have the liquid yolk.

  3. I guess the reason behind it they wanted to focus on the premium patty. Didn’t want people to see it as Ultimate Burger Steak with regular fries. I agree it should have been served separately or at least on not topped with the patty. Still worth buying for me.

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