Gambino Itallian Food At Its Best

Gambino Itallian Food At Its Best

Gambino is an Italian restaurant located at Burgos Circle in Bonifacio Global City. It’s Marvin Agustin’s latest venture, already having numerous number of Asian restaurants.

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Gambino looks and feel very Italian. It’s more like I’m in an Italian crime family’s headquarters, after all it’s named after one of the five famous crime family in the early 60’s.  But don’t get intimidated, it’s very classy and comfortable, the way a boss should be treated.

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Gambino also serves authentic Italian dishes thanks to chefs Giorgi Bucciarelli and company.

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Chef Giorgi Bucciarelli has been in the country for over 10 years now. He’s been teaching culinary classes to different schools and university. What he is mostly proud of is that  he was given the opportunity to lead an authentic Italian restaurant. He admits that the taste is around 97% Italian as they made very minimal adjustment for the Filipino tongue.  Starting with Gambino’s Special Salad.

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Bocatini Amatriciana is a pasta that a bigger and heavier that ordinary pasta so it’s already a heavy. It’s tube-like shape allows the flavor to sink in. Since it’s authentic, it isn’t the sweet type that we are all used to and I like it that way and I’m sure you’ll do too.

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Aside from pasta an Italian restaurant won’t be complete with the pizza. With dough freshly made everyday it’s sure to have the perfect crisp and texture of a pizza. The four flavored pizza has everything that a pizza lovers want. From meat, to vegetables and cheese.

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Grab some Wine, Margaritas and Martinis to compliment your Italian food as recommended by the chef.

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Everyone deserves a desert after conquering Italy. Pana Cotta and Tiramisu still perfect with wine.

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If you’re looking for authentic Italian food, you won’t go wrong with Gambino. Grab a date and eat like a boss.

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