Korean Goodness Wrapped

Korean Goodness Wrapped

My favorite Korean restaurant, Kogi Bulgogi, truly never runs out of exciting dishes to try and love.  The latest addition to their ever-growing list of delicious Korean dishes are the Ssam Wraps.

Ssam Wraps are either pork, beef, or chicken wrapped in either lettuce or sesame leaf.  It is served with small side dishes that you can add to your wrapping if you feel like it. The sidings raw garlic and green chili, chutney, and kimchi.

The Suygogi Gui. It’s grilled beef that is so tender that you don’t There is also a  Black Angus version of  Suygogi Gui, but it’s only available at Kogi Bulgogi’s Promenade branch.

Ssam Wrap-0036

Bo Ssam. It’s thinly slice pork boiled in spices, then fried to goodness.

Ssam Wrap-0046

Lastly, we have Dak Gui. Dak Gui is grilled chicken in a chili sauce. The chili sauce isn’t noticeable at all, or my tolerance to anything spicy is just high.

Ssam Wrap-0030

So how do we eat Ssam Wraps?  Take one leaf in your hand. Then add sauce, toppings, meat and/or rice on top and wrap it. Let blogger Hana of DollHana.com demonstrates how.

Ssam Wrap-0031

These Ssam are perfect when paired with Kimchi Rice and a glass or more of Soju or Korean Vodka.

Ssam Wrap-0057

While you’re there, try our their best selling Kogi Bulgogi’s KPop Chicken.

Ssam Wrap-0016

Kogi Bulgogi continues to amaze with their line up of Korean dishes, I can’t wait to taste what the have next. Check out my other Kogi Bulgogi posts HERE, HERE and HERE!

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